one day Mettaton wan sucking his own cawk right in the middle of Snowdin where everyone can see him
they were jerking it

Sans walked by and threw his whole ketchup bottle at him and the skateboarded off "lol l8r loser"

Mettaton's cack was tickling his throat

Doggo: Hm. Mettaton. Do you think you'll need help cleaning that up?

Mettaton: Yeah sure come here fuck doggy and suck my dingle right in front of these horny rabbit people

Sans: im calling the cops

Mettaton and Doggo do it doggy style
Mettaton moans like a cow

Sans: -cries a single tear-

Mettaton grins seductively as Doggo's knot enters his poopy hole
Mettaton: "Mmm yes oh my god mmmmmm good yes -slobbery noises- aaaaaaa mmmmmm!"

Mettaton pukes all over and cums and the pink shit spills out of his heart creating a large puddle of pink semen cummie. Doggo's knot gets stuck :(

Sans starts filming all of this
Sans: im showing this to papyrus later lol

MEttaton starts using a Speakonia voice
"Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes."

Doggo keeps humping the robot to see if he can get unstuck
that makes Mettaton's internal circuitry overheats and creates an spontaneous short circuitry that knocks Mettaton off for a few seconds

Mettaton: DOggo honey I love you thank you for sticking ur red rocket in me bum bum Im so loneyly and horny Alphys doesn't satisfy me anymire shes too busy with that fish bitch and I appreciate your big round dog knot thanks

Sans: wtf people are getting cum all over the camera
And on me

The nice cream man grabbed some of the puddle of pink stuff and cum with dog hair to make more nice cream

Mettaton pulls off the dong and his anus rips but he is ok other than the few pieces of anus "flesh" sticking out of his anal "golly I need to get Alphys to fix that aw geez"
then he takes Sans' camera and throws it in the trash

Sans: One day i will get my revenge : )
Ur gongng ahav a bad tiem

Mettaton kisses Doggo with erotic and passionate focus and pushed his DICK back in his sheath "Take care darlin'" he winked ;) and walked away